Apple and Comcast, the next generation TV service


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The service provider TV industry continues to evolve.  Two industry leaders, Comcast and Apple, are in discussions to provide a new service to the consumer according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  According to the WSJ, the talks are in the early stages and there are many hurdles to overcome.

Comcast is a leader in the cable industry, supplying TV content and services to over 21 Million homes in North America (according to SNL).  Apple, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, is looking to improve the consumers TV watching experience by having the cable company separate the OTT (over the top) service from standard internet traffic coming the home, according to the Journal.  Previously, Apple has had similar discussions with Time Warner.  If you want to read more about Apple and Comcast, click hereto see article from Huffingtonpost.

OTT has become a popular means of streaming content over the internet.  Popular OTT products are AppleTV, RoKu and popular services are Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu.  Currently, Comcast uses MoCA in their xfinity X1 platform to enable watch TV from any room.  Adding MoCA to any OTT service will improve the consumer viewing experience.

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Amazon and Google Team up for Gaming


Gaming has become a mainstay of the North American household.  Lead by Sony, Nintendo, and later Microsoft, game boxes first entertained users with mesmerizing games. However, the box continues to morph adding capabilities like online gaming, video streaming, TV watching, social networking, and many other capabilities and uses.  However, game boxes are more than about the game, they have become our everyday reality.

In the recent announcement by Amazon and Google, the game box takes on a new shape, the game stick.  The idea of taking something popular and sexing it up isn’t new.  Google last year introduced Chromecast and Roku introduced the $49 streaming stick.  These compete with apple TV and older Roku platforms; and the sticks have really shaken up the market.  Therefore, creating a gaming solution in this form factor really isn’t that farfetched.

However, gaming really isn’t just about the form factor, it’s about the experience. Gamers’ alike need the fastest connection to their console or stick.  And the experience is about how close the game comes to reality and not about a reality of the network lag.  This is where MoCA has the upper hand; deliver high quality, high speed network connectivity by adding no new wires.  What a great concept! 

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Netgear MoCA 2.0 Certification



MoCA continues to reach new milestones of successes.  Earlier this year, the MoCA alliance announced the availability of a MoCA 2.0 certification program.  This is where companies certify their products to ensure compatibly across suppliers. 

On 2/28/14, an announcement of first MoCA 2.0 certified product from Netgear was made.  The WM2500RP is a MoCA 2.0 and Wi-fi adapter.  The product is designed to improve whole home wireless coverage using MoCA as the backbone.  According to ABI Research, a technology research firm, MoCA will be available in more than 25 million homes.  Read the full announcement by clicking here

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Motorola/Arris SBM1000 MoCA Adapter kit




The retail market continues to grow with MoCA adapters.  Recently, Arris/Motorola introduced the SBM1000 MoCA adapter kit.  Known as the Surboard Smart Video Adapters, the kit includes two devices and all the hardware required to install your MoCA to adapters in your home.  The kit say’s its compatible with cable, Verizon, and direcTV networks.  Despite not saying on the box, the kit should also work on most cable networks including ATT and others.  Dish networks, however, require a different filter so this adapter is not compatible. 

Recently, NewEgg started carrying these adapters.  They created this great video explaining MoCA, the SBM1000, and demonstrating how easy they are to install.  Checkout the video.  The kit is also being sold at Best Buy.  Check the adapters out – I bought one and they are great!

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what is MoCA?


Many people ask what is MoCA.  Most responses are a cup of Joe or Java.  However, MoCA (Multimedia of Coax Alliance) is a worldwide accepted wired networking technology, initially for home entertainment networking, capable of delivering the fastest networking connection to any device needing to reach the internet.

As consumer viewing habits evolve, the market demands networking solutions that are future proof.  Streaming your favorite show from the cloud, OTT services from Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu, or “out of this world” gaming experiences all demand low latency, high bandwidth, error free network connections – this where MoCA excels.

Surfing the Internet I ran into this article from Jason Palmer discussing MoCA.  Take a moment and read it; he gives a good explanation of MoCA.

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Verizon, the next WebTV


WebTV lives on.  Co-Founder, Steve Perlman invented the concept back in 1995 along with fellow partners Bruce Leak and Phil Goldman.  Nineteen years later, the concept has blossomed to include OTT, cloud services, TV everywhere and other services yet to be seen. 

Recently, Verizon acquired the Intel Media assets that include OnCue (a combination of cloud assets) that are planned to bring life back into Verizon.  The OnCue acquisition, along with an investment in CDN Edgecast, helps Verizon enhance its WebTV position.  Within the home, Verizon is likely to use MoCA to connect their OnCue solutions from within the home to the outside world.  MoCA enables the best in home network connection.

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PlayStation TV


Sony TV

PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been all the craze since its announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 for its gaming capabilities, especially its social game play capabilities.  But PS4 is not limited to just gaming.  Sony recently announced PS4’s capabilities to support a new cloud base TV/DVR Service, a fancy OTT service.  Click link to learn more.

Here is where home network performance makes all the difference.  Multimedia over Coax Alliance Ethernet cable adapters (MoCA ECA), Aka “Ethernet over Coax” adapters, delivers unparalleled performance in the streaming of HD and 4K TV content within the home.  Streamed from the cloud, movies and TV shows are delivered over broadband to your PlayStation, TV, PC, or mobile device.  Once in the home, the video is affected by network interruptions, delays caused by wireless interference, harmonics, and other network wireless network traffic.  MoCA is the low latency, highly reliable networking technology designed for streaming video content. Neither Wifi nor HomePlug are its equal.

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