Setting up a MoCA Network in your Home

How to Set Up a MoCA Home Entertainment Network

Xbox to Media Player Using MoCA

Here are a couple of HOW TO videos complements of the folks at showing how you can connect your Tivo, Slingbox, and Xbox 360 together through a MoCA network.  The Slingbox sends HD video to another room using the SlingCatcher and some updated software while the Tivo’s exchange recorded HD shows with each other through MoCA.  The Xbox can play HD videos from a PC or NAS as well as through the Internet using Netflix.  MoCA can handle up to 6 HD video streams simultaneously and requires a MoCA adapter (less than $99 each) for each of the rooms where you want a network connection.  A lot easier and cheaper than running Ethernet CAT-5 through your walls and ceilings!

5 thoughts on “Setting up a MoCA Network in your Home

  1. I am getting a TIVO Elite, which is a MoCA Bridge. I have my cable modem in a different room than the TIVO. Currently I am using powerline to get internet to my media cabinet (PS3, AppleTV and the TIVO when I get it). I am confused about how to set up my network for MoCA. I understand I will need to install a MoCA Bridge where my cable modem is and then I would just need to plug the cable into my TIVO in the other room and can then use the ethernet port of my TIVO to go out to an ethernet bridge and get my other devices (ps3, AppleTV) onto the MoCA network. Here are my questions.
    First, is what I typed above accurate?
    Second, where does the MoCA filter go? Do I install outside of my house at the cable box attached to my house? (I keep seeing “Point of Entry” but I am not sure exactly where this is.)
    Third, I think that my cable installer put an amplifier on the cable before it goes to my current set-top box (which is a cable company DVR). Will this interfere with MoCA when I switch out the DVR with the TIVO? How do I get the benefit of the amplification (which I assume is needed) and still preserve the MoCA network?
    Thanks. Hoping to be able to do this myself.

  2. You’re right that you need a MoCA bridge by the router to communicate with the TiVo Elite in other room. I don’t think you can use the Ethernet on the TiVo as an OUT bridge to other devices. You would need another MoCA bridge, probably 4-port is best, on a splitter – one split to TiVo other to 4-port bridge to service your other devices.

    The MoCA POE filter goes at the outdoor cable cabinet where the line from the road goes into the house. It keeps the MoCA signal inside the house and increases the signal. Regarding an amplifier, you want to remove any non-MoCA amp between the TiVo and the MoCA bridge+router or replace them with a MoCA amp. If you can communicate between TiVo and MoCA bridge you won’t need to replace the amp.

  3. People on here seem way more knowledgeable than my local cable provider (RCN). please tell me if this is the right setup… We have the tivo elite with built in MoCa in our living room and it is about 20 feet from our modem/router. We have an ethernet wire already ran from the router to the tivo box so it is connected directly…am i right to assume that since the tivo elite is hardwired via ethernet that we do not need the MoCa bridge? We have 2 of the satellite boxes which are only connected with coax cable and they are able to connect with the elite and stream so technically the mocha network is working.. but ever since the new boxes were set up our internet has become extremley slow.. the speedtest shows it…i can notice it while browing the internet and i can also notice it while watching netflix from my xbox (which is also hardwired via ethernet)…actually its so slow that the netflix wont even load HD now and it looks like crap…i have been reading about the POE filter and the tech that came here did not install one…i understand that it stops that signal on the coax from leaving the house but my question is…would not having the POE filter only affect the MoCa signal and the streaming speed between the boxes etc.. or could it have an effect on the actual internet speed for everything in the house? thanks

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