LG Integrates Netflix Streaming Into Televisions

lg_netflixLG is going to be the first company to begin releasing televisions that include the Netflix streaming service built right into the TV itself.

LG Electronics today extended its groundbreaking partnership with Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX), as the two companies announced the first broadband-enabled HDTVs with Netflix streaming software embedded directly in the TV, requiring no external device. LG’s new LCD and plasma “Broadband HDTVs” will display the growing library of movies, TV episodes and high-definition (HD) content that Netflix members can watch instantly directly on the TV with Ethernet connectivity.

This is a perfect reason to use MoCA!  Using Wi-Fi you would be waiting longer for your movie to start up, as well as having to endure the inevitable downgrade to less-than-HD video quality due to network interruptions or weak signal strength. MoCA will enable you to fast forward and rewind with less buffering time than with a traditional wireless network. With MoCA you will be able to enjoy HD Netflix content all the time, without having to worry about the unpredictability of Wi-Fi.

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