MoCA POE Filters and Splitters Explained

In this video, you will learn some MoCA basics, what is a POE filter, and how a MoCA filter-splitter is used.  This is for the advanced MoCA user who wants to improve his MoCA network performance and support more MoCA devices in the home.

To watch the video click here

8 thoughts on “MoCA POE Filters and Splitters Explained

  1. Do you still need a poe filter if you have a splitter? I remember in the video it said that a splitter has a built in poe filter… I was not sure.

  2. sorry to make a silly question… but the coax installed by a cable tv company in an apartment building goes all the way to the rooftop where the main splitter is installed, then individual coax runs are made to each apartment..

    So what prevents my MOCA signal from also going to the neighrbors´ and the whole building?

    To spin this in another way.. does this mean I can get a full-speed point-to-point link between two different apartments in the same building by using the existing wiring provided by the cable co?. :)

    • Depends on how far the cable runs are between the splitter and the different apartments, but if the setup just looks like a large house then it might work. Usually if each apt has it’s own cable TV billing then the “main splitter” won’t be able to pass MoCA signals. The cableco or occupant might also install POE filters to prevent MoCA signals from going between apts.

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