The Whole World is Moving to MoCA – Comcast

via Tech Workshops: Home Networking, Upstream Capacity And Doing The Splits :: Cable360.

Hey don’t take our word for it, MoCA is catching on like wildfire in Cable TV-land and everyone is seeing the value of having a wired home network that can stream HD video.  Probably a more telling quote from Comcast’s Director of Home Networking:

We at Comcast have made the decision that all new products will have MoCA embedded into them

Seems like a good idea, knowing that virtually all of the consumer electronics companies are heading towards having a network port on every TV, bluray player and game console.  The wave of connected electronics won’t stop at stationary devices but will also support mobile devices as well.  The article goes on to describe how wireless access points will be connected (through MoCA) to connect iPhones, iPads, and other mobile equipment.  There’s no question that having a reliable network “backbone” like MoCA will enable all kinds of new audio/video applications for the consumer.

One thought on “The Whole World is Moving to MoCA – Comcast

  1. I think it’s great that Comcast is slowly starting to step up and catch up with the rest of the industry with things like this, or their Live Streaming they unveiled at CES. OF course as a DISH customer/employee it’s hard for me to imagine Live streaming TV to my ipad but being unable to leave mys house with it…not exactly convenient. Still, it’s a solid effort by Comcast though, and hopefully soon their customers will be able to stream Live tv to any device, no matter if they are at home or not,…not THAT is TV Everywhere.

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