Mark Cuban Calls Out MoCA: The TV Business Keeps Getting Stronger ! « blog maverick

You know you’ve entered the mainstream when you get called out by NBA World Champion Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.  On his blog, Cuban makes the case for traditional TV as the engine for online video growth not a competitor.  It’s a very compelling argument from a guy who made a billion dollars selling to Yahoo! back in the day.  Where Cuban goes both right/wrong is during his critique of the OTT technology standards, he calls out MoCA (Yay!) but lumps it in with WiFi (Boo!) when he talks about how people won’t wait around for buffering.  We totally agree – which is why good old reliable MoCA networking solves that problem.  Either way, when “MoCA” gets mentioned with “Tebow” – you know your name is getting out there.  Next stop, the Kardashians!

And last but not least, MOCA, DLNA and good old fashioned wi fi is always going to be a hassle. No one has perfect wi fi at their apartment or house. It always screws up. That may be acceptable to a price sensitive market. But when people want to see Tebow Tebow, buffering just wont cut it.

via The TV Business Keeps Getting Stronger ! « blog maverick.

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