Sony PS3 becomes a Time Warner Set-Top Box by using MoCA

Xbox isn’t the only game console starting to be used as a set-top box as it’s recent announcements with Verizon FiOS TV and Comcast XFINITY TV indicate.  Sony’s Playstation 3 is also starting to take on set-top box (STB) features starting with the ability to play back recordings from a Time Warner DVR.  If you already use Time Warner’s Whole Home DVR service (which uses MoCA networking) then it looks like you can also connect your PS3 to the same network using a MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapter to the PS3 and another MoCA adapter to connect your router to the MoCA network.  Now you can use your PS3 in your game room or kid’s bedroom to watch your recorded TV shows in addition to Netflix, VUDU and online gaming.  Here’s what you need:

  • Time Warner Whole Home DVR service
  • Playstation 3 (with DTCP-IP enabled)
  • MoCA Adapter Kit (one connected to the PS3, the other to your router)

Now that your PS3 is networked to the DVR, the DVR will show up on your PS3 as a media server (SamSTB below).

And you can select the DVR media server to access the recorded TV shows, listed by recording date, and start playing them on your PS3 in HD quality or however the shows were recorded just like it was a STB.

Fast forward, rewind, pause all work similarly to as if the content came off a networked drive and the only real drawback is that sometimes the PS3 will show a TV show that has been deleted from the DVR, but for some reason still shows up on the list.  The other obvious difference with an actual STB is the lack of Live TV on the PS3, possibly one day TWC will have a PS3 app similar to the Live TV app they have for the iPad.

The PS3 DVR feature is another small step for connected CE devices to start accessing the Cable or Satellite TV service you pay for every month.  Besides iPad apps and Xbox TV, another example is the Samsung SmarTV which acts like a full fledged set-top box with Live TV and DVR features when connected to DirecTV’s new RVU Server via a MoCA network.

Since MoCA is the de facto standard for Cable and Satellite TV networking, don’t be surprised to see even more benefits to connecting your CE devices to a wired MoCA network using MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapters.

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