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USA Today: Mini TiVo may make you fall back in love with TiVo

TiVo Mini

After a long wait it’s finally here!  The TiVo Mini is the first non-DVR set-top box with the TiVo badge, and MoCA makes it all possible.  Now you only need 1 DVR and can add Mini’s in every room where you want the TiVo service.  USA Today gave the Mini a test drive and MoCA fit right in:

The other recommended alternative is to take advantage of something called MoCA, not a coffee-flavored drink but rather networking technology. I was lucky. MoCA, which stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance, is built into my FiOS router. So all I had to do was connect a coax cable to the Mini.

Read the full review here.


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MoCA Drives Growth in Home Networking Devices Market In 1H12 – MarketWatch

via MoCA Drives Growth in Home Networking Devices Market In 1H12 – MarketWatch.


More good news for MoCA home networking and acknowledgement that it’s the standard for wired video networking in US homes.  With all the new streaming services and internet devices also being introduced, consumers will be even more excited about connecting their devices to the MoCA network already in their homes.   From the analyst:

“While we’re still in the early stages of MoCA device growth, we expect MoCA to become the de facto wired technology for video distribution to devices in the home. Going forward, multiscreen video will be a key driver for MoCA.”

Read the article here.

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How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo

How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo.

TiVo Stream

The TiVo Stream is generating a lot of buzz among TiVo fans for it’s ability to stream shows from your DVR to mobile devices in your home or transfer shows to your devices to take with you.  However, with this great power comes the need for great networking and TiVo is recommending that users have a wired Ethernet network or MoCA network to provide reliable HD streaming.

Use MoCA!

Check out the TiVo MoCA networking page here about how TiVo users are expanding their DVR features on new devices and outside of the home.

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SAMSUNG and Verizon Release FiOS TV App – Perfect for FiOS Coax Adapter


FiOS customers can now use compatible Samsung Smart TV’s and Smart Blu-ray players to stream live TV channels as well as Flex View video-on-demand through the FiOS TV App.  iPad and Xbox360 users are already familiar with this feature which is already available, but they can now take advantage of the App on their new Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.  The FiOS Coax-Network Adapter (based on MoCA) is perfect for connecting the TV or Blu-ray using the same wired networking through the coax that’s used by the FiOS set-top box.  Why bother with WiFi when FiOS users have access to MoCA networking already built into the FiOS BHR (router) at 170Mbps speeds.

FiOS is just the first Pay TV provider to offer support for Live TV apps on networked CE devices like TVs, Xbox360, Bluray, etc… just like they do for iPads.  MoCA networking is the “Go-To” solution for connecting those devices via wired coax cable to deliver HD video as smooth and reliably as through any set-top box.

See the Samsung press release here.

Read about the FiOS TV App here.

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Study: N. Amer. No. 1 in home networking devices, thanks to MoCA | News | CED Magazine

Study: N. Amer. No. 1 in home networking devices, thanks to MoCA | News | CED Magazine – Communications, Engineering and Design Magazine.

Infonetics chart

It’s no secret now that MoCA has made such a big impact on the home networking market that it’s driving most of the market growth especially in North America.

What might be surprising to folks in the US is that MoCA is probably in their router, set-top box, or DVR and they might not even know it.  Everyone from DirecTV to Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS, and recently DISH Network have been deploying MoCA networks into millions of consumers homes.  The next wave of MoCA growth will be in connecting your Xbox, PS3, PC, iPad, and other Internet device to the MoCA network through a MoCA Coax-Ethernet adapter or Coax-WiFi adapter.

Stay tuned to MoCAblog for the latest news regarding new MoCA products and exciting developments.

Read the article here.

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MoCA in Europe: Echobox promises Ethernet through your aerial, an end to Wi-Fi woes | News | TechRadar

Echobox promises Ethernet through your aerial, an end to Wi-Fi woes | News | TechRadar.

Echobox promises Ethernet through your aerial, an end to Wi-Fi woes

After building up so much momentum in the US market, MoCA is now starting to show up in Europe most recently with the Asheridge Communications Echobox which is being marketed from the UK for Cable TV users as well as Over-The-Air TV viewers.  The Echobox is a nifty design that enables connections to Smart TV’s, HD set top boxes and online gaming consoles for customers who need a more reliable stable connection than WiFi can provide (see chart below).  We hope to see the same growth of MoCA across the pond as we’ve seen in the US.

ASH -EOC-01 – echoBox 802.11n WiFi (3×3 MIMO) Homeplug AV 1901
Best average network speed 136 Mbps 10 – 40 Mbps 30 / 40 Mbps
Interferece Immunity Excellent (with shielded coax cable). Poor. Sensitive to RF signals, surrounding environment & neighbouring WiFi networks. Weak. Sensitive to appliances, chargers, fluorescent lights, dimmers etc.
Download MP3 (1000 songs)* 6 minutes 10 minutes 13 minutes
Download HD Movie (2hours DVD Video)* 6 minutes 12 minutes 16 minutes
Backup (2000 songs, 5000 photos) 37 minutes 1hour 14 minutes 1 hour 33 minutes
Furthest latency to your online gaming buddies 6000km 1000km 1600km


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Get Ethernet-only gadgets on your home network – Home A/V – CNET Asia

Get Ethernet-only gadgets on your home network – Home A/V – CNET Asia.


Hey, better late than never – these guys at CNET Asia are finally seeing the benefits of MoCA as a way to network Home Entertainment products like TV’s, Bluray players, etc… but unfortunately don’t see the obvious distinction between Powerline and MoCA in terms of speed and quality that other more thorough reviewers are trumpeting.

However, it’s good to start seeing MoCA as part of the networking conversation when comparing alternatives for digital home entertainment.  Although it’s taking a while, folks are beginning to see how MoCA networking is the most convenient and cost effective way to install a wired network for entertainment without having to pull Ethernet cables.

Click here for the article.

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Sony PS3 becomes a Time Warner Set-Top Box by using MoCA

Xbox isn’t the only game console starting to be used as a set-top box as it’s recent announcements with Verizon FiOS TV and Comcast XFINITY TV indicate.  Sony’s Playstation 3 is also starting to take on set-top box (STB) features starting with the ability to play back recordings from a Time Warner DVR.  If you already use Time Warner’s Whole Home DVR service (which uses MoCA networking) then it looks like you can also connect your PS3 to the same network using a MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapter to the PS3 and another MoCA adapter to connect your router to the MoCA network.  Now you can use your PS3 in your game room or kid’s bedroom to watch your recorded TV shows in addition to Netflix, VUDU and online gaming.  Here’s what you need:

  • Time Warner Whole Home DVR service
  • Playstation 3 (with DTCP-IP enabled)
  • MoCA Adapter Kit (one connected to the PS3, the other to your router)

Now that your PS3 is networked to the DVR, the DVR will show up on your PS3 as a media server (SamSTB below).

And you can select the DVR media server to access the recorded TV shows, listed by recording date, and start playing them on your PS3 in HD quality or however the shows were recorded just like it was a STB.

Fast forward, rewind, pause all work similarly to as if the content came off a networked drive and the only real drawback is that sometimes the PS3 will show a TV show that has been deleted from the DVR, but for some reason still shows up on the list.  The other obvious difference with an actual STB is the lack of Live TV on the PS3, possibly one day TWC will have a PS3 app similar to the Live TV app they have for the iPad.

The PS3 DVR feature is another small step for connected CE devices to start accessing the Cable or Satellite TV service you pay for every month.  Besides iPad apps and Xbox TV, another example is the Samsung SmarTV which acts like a full fledged set-top box with Live TV and DVR features when connected to DirecTV’s new RVU Server via a MoCA network.

Since MoCA is the de facto standard for Cable and Satellite TV networking, don’t be surprised to see even more benefits to connecting your CE devices to a wired MoCA network using MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapters.

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XFINITY On Demand On Xbox

XFINITY On Demand On Xbox – Home.

Following the FiOS TV Xbox intro, Comcast now supports XFINITY TV on Xbox 360!  That means Xbox’s can now access Xfinity Free Video On Demand, National Broadcaster VOD, and Premium VOD directly through the Xbox interface over their home network.  However, you must be a Comcast TV and Internet subscriber and Xbox Live member to watch, but as the Xfinity FAQ says the content you access will not count against Comcast’s Internet bandwidth cap.

This is exciting news for the over 20 million Comcast TV subscribers and 17M Internet customers they have and even more reason to use a wired MoCA network to attach your Xbox to the Internet.  Here’s a quick video on how to connect your Xbox using MoCA for the best HD streaming and Online Gaming performance!

Are you using MoCA with Xbox XFINITY TV?  Comment below for a chance to win a 4-port MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapter from Channel Master!

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TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!

TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!.

There is a lot of speculation that TiVo is going to offer their upcoming IP-STB for both their cable customers and retail customers.  So instead of having 2 separate DVRs in the house, you’ll have a Premiere Elite DVR as the server and a lot of these little set-tops scattered in different rooms streaming live TV and recorded DVR shows.  The STBs can also access the same Internet content as the standard TiVo’s so customers don’t miss out on any features, but save on the extra subscription fee.

One of the other questions is whether it will support a MoCA connection as the Elite does today.  TiVo recommends an Ethernet or MoCA connection for multi-room streaming so it’s not a stretch to think they might do the same for the IP-STBs.  Stay Tuned!

PS – another announcement that came from the TiVo quarterly call was the launch of Comcast VOD service and free Comcast installation for TiVo customers.  Starting in the San Francisco Bay area, Comcast and TiVo will be testing the new VOD software and installation offer before launching in other Comcast markets.

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