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You Say MoCA, I Say DECA – Which Is It?

If anyone is slightly confused about the differences between MoCA and DECA, they may sound like they’re different but in reality they are the same standard.  MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance which maintains the standards for MoCA coax networking.  MoCA has specified 2 frequency bands at which the network can be operated: High-RF MoCA for Cable MSOs and Verizon FiOS from 850-1500 MHz, and Mid-RF MoCA for DirecTV from 500-850 MHz.  Our more advanced readers may recognize that cable TV broadcasts below 850 MHz on the coax and satellite TV broadcasts above 950 MHz, hence the need for MoCA to avoid interfering with current signals on the line and 2 separate RF bands.  Both versions of MoCA are being deployed primarily to enable the Multi-Room DVR feature available from all the major Pay TV providers.

So what is DECADECA stands for DirecTV Ethernet-to-Coax Adapter, a simple network bridge with an Ethernet port on one side and coax on the other, and operates at Mid-RF MoCA frequencies.  The DECA is used mainly to connect legacy (older) DirecTV DVRs to Whole Home DVR service but is also being used by some consumers to connect Xbox’s, Bluray Players, Internet TVs, etc… to the Internet (also requires a DECA at the broadband router).  Some folks are incorrectly using the term DECA to mean Mid-RF MoCA (which is technically incorrect, but perfectly understandable since it SOUNDS like MoCA).

The DECA’s counterpart for High-RF is called the MoCA ECB which stands for Ethernet-To-Coax Bridge.  The ECB serves the same function for Cable MSOs and Verizon FiOS as a way to allow Ethernet onto the coax cable.  One of the advantages of an ECB is that the same ECB, currently available from NETGEAR, D-LINK, or Actiontec, can be used with any Cable TV or Verizon FiOS service.  Today, DECAs only work in DirecTV households and are not compatible with ECBs.

In summary, Cable and FiOS use High-RF MoCA which supports ECBs to convert between Ethernet and coax.  DirecTV uses Mid-RF MoCA which supports DECAs to convert between Ethernet and coax.  When will we have a single Ethernet-to-Coax bridge that is compatible with all MoCA bands?  What will DISH Network use?  Stay tuned to for the latest MoCA networking news and information.

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D-Link MoCA Spotted at Fry’s!

Another sign that MoCA is gaining momentum, recently spotted at the local Fry’s, the D-Link DXN-221 MoCA Bridge Kit aka Mediabridges !  Located right next to the NETGEAR MCAB1001 MoCA Kits as well as competing powerline and 11N bridges, the D-Link MoCA kits give users another option for building a high speed entertainment network for HD movie streaming, gaming and entertainment.  MicroCenter will also be carrying the D-Link products and since they are all MoCA compatible, you’ll be able to choose different brands to add to your MoCA network.

Look for more brands and new MoCA products coming later this year!

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MoCA Installation Tips and Videos

With all the new connected TVs, Bluray Players and Game Consoles, there are a lot of people wanting to add a MoCA network to their home.  We’ve collected the best installation instructions and videos from the web, right here on the MoCABlog.

Click on the links below for even more info on installing a MoCA Home Network:

Actiontec MoCA page with installation instructions and video link

D-Link Installation Video

Netgear MoCA page with installation diagram

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SmallNetBuilder – More MoCA: D-Link DXN-221 & Actiontec ECB2200 Reviewed

SmallNetBuilder – Small Network Help – More MoCA: D-Link DXN-221 & Actiontec ECB2200 Reviewed.


Wow.  MoCA is really beginning to blast off as a new and exciting home networking category and these new products just add to the excitement.  Both the D-Link and Actiontec MoCA adapters give the same great performance as the Netgear adapters reviewed about a month ago and are all compatible with each other so you can mix and match devices in your home network.  Depending on your brand and feature preferences, all of these adapters are MoCA compliant so interconnectivity won’t be a problem.  That’s a big leap for MoCA networking as more vendors jump on the bandwagon to deploy MoCA-enabled networking products and consumer electronics gear.  Stay tuned to the blog as the new connected devices start rolling out this summer, all of them able to take advantage of a wired MoCA home network.

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D-Link DXN-221 HD MediaBridge Coax Network Starter Kit

D-Link DXN-221 HD MediaBridge Coax Network Starter Kit.

D-Link DXN-221 HD MediaBridge Coax Network Starter KitD-Link is releasing more info on their DXN-221 HD MediaBridge Coax products and even started taking orders on the D-Link Shop.  For those of you just tuning in, D-Link showed their MoCA Ethernet-To-Coax adapters at the last CES but wasn’t very specific on release date.  Now it looks like the product is being rolled out under the HD MediaBridge moniker to possibly complement the other streaming media products in their lineup.  Along with Netgear and Actiontec, there will be quite a few choices for MoCA adapters available on the market.

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