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Learn about and Install MoCA in 7 steps


Often its easier to copy how others have installed their new wiz bang product vs. going at on your own.  MoCA is no exception.  Surprisingly, MoCA has been around since 2005 and has been adopted by almost every major Multichannel Video Service provider in North America.  However, MoCA is not as widely known by the average consumers although numerous solutions are available at major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, TigerDirect, and many others.

Instructables is a website put on by a team of MIT grads showing users “How To” from cooking pasta to making your own LED light bulb.  In one of their articles, the Instructables crew reviews the installation of a MoCA adapter.  Read the 7-steps on installing a MoCA adapter in your home by clicking here.      

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Youtube to buy Twitch for $1B


Image Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

The good news, 18-34 yr olds are watching less TV.  So what are doing?  Well, they now interact with Twitch.  What is Twitch you ask?  If you are a gamer you already know.  Love to show off your moves, teach your fellow gamers your tricks, just love the game and want to share, or just trying to make some bank! Twitch is the world’s leading video platform for gamers to share their world with each other.  Today, over 45million unique viewers every month tune into Twitch to keep up with what’s latest in gaming. 

According to the Los Angeles times, Youtube is about to close on a $1B acquisition of Twitch.  Monthly, over 1 million gamers upload their experiences on Twitch to share with the world.  To learn more about what was said in the article, click here .

However, if you are serious about gaming you probably use MoCA or are thinking about adding MoCA to your setup.  MoCA’s low latency, low error rate makes a world of difference when it comes to winning or losing.  If you don’t know much about MoCA, get tuned by clicking here .

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Comcast Takes WiFi Serious


Image take from

Last week Comcast announced at The Cable show its plans to expand its WiFi coverage to over 8 million hot spots throughout the U.S.  These hot spots will be deployed in 19 of the 30 largest cities in the U.S.  Comcast will focus on three target locations: public areas, businesses, and residential areas. 

According to the announcement, the vast majority of hotspot deployments will be residential.  Today’s Xfinity platform uses MoCA to distribute video and data throughout the home.  MoCA is the network backbone for the Xfinity platform and adding public hotspots should be as simple as adding a WECA to the network.  WECA or wireless Ethernet coax adapters are commercially available products using MoCA as the backbone to the WiFi network.  These devices can be developed as WiFi routers or WiFi extenders used to improve WiFi coverage in the home.  Announced extender solutions from Actiontec or Netgear could easily do the job.    

A few weeks ago, the MSO announced its 1 millionth hotspot deployment.  So how popular is WiFi coverage.  Well, through Comcast’s Xfinity WiFi network alone, an estimated 200 million WiFi sessions were established and the need continues to grow.  By 2018, Cisco estimates that 88% of all mobile/portable data traffic will be over WiFi.  To get more details on the article from Lightreading, click here.  

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China’s New Game Console, Competes with Microsoft in China



Image take from the Bloomberg article

Bloomberg reported that TCL will develop a gaming platform called T2 for the China Market that will be compatible with Google Android.  Microsoft, Nintendo, and others have already announced their plans to develop gaming products too.  Exact details on the products are still in the making.  China’s lift on gaming is a major change in direction in policy on gaming for the China market.  This lift on the 14 ban on China gaming will open up a $10 Billion market for 2015.  Click here to read more. 

Like all gaming solutions, latency can be a major problem and MoCA can maximize the gamer’s experience.  MoCA 2.0 is designed for 400Mbps operation in standard mode and up to 500 Mbps in a point to point mode call turbo mode.  China consumers should definitely consider their options.    

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Amazon’s Streaming Gaming Console


Image taken from

The set-top-box (STB), the electronic box designed to deliver content to the TV, continues to evolve.  Originally used by only cable, satellite, and IPTV service providers to deliver video and audio content to the home these boxes have begun to morph in size, source of content, and now function. 

Amazon recently released the Fire TV: a STB that delivering over-the-top (OTT) content and streaming gaming capabilities into a single box.  “The Fire TV is equipped with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card. The set-top box can also predict which shows you want to watch, queuing them up for instant streaming without waiting for the video to load.”  Asthetically, the box is taking its cues from Apple and Roku..Missing, however, is a reliable connection to the Internet like MoCA, which seems odd since this is a video and gaming streaming platform.  Click here  to read more 

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Apple and Comcast, the next generation TV service


(picture compliments of Huffingtonpost)

The service provider TV industry continues to evolve.  Two industry leaders, Comcast and Apple, are in discussions to provide a new service to the consumer according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  According to the WSJ, the talks are in the early stages and there are many hurdles to overcome.

Comcast is a leader in the cable industry, supplying TV content and services to over 21 Million homes in North America (according to SNL).  Apple, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, is looking to improve the consumers TV watching experience by having the cable company separate the OTT (over the top) service from standard internet traffic coming the home, according to the Journal.  Previously, Apple has had similar discussions with Time Warner.  If you want to read more about Apple and Comcast, click hereto see article from Huffingtonpost.

OTT has become a popular means of streaming content over the internet.  Popular OTT products are AppleTV, RoKu and popular services are Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu.  Currently, Comcast uses MoCA in their xfinity X1 platform to enable watch TV from any room.  Adding MoCA to any OTT service will improve the consumer viewing experience.

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Amazon and Google Team up for Gaming


Gaming has become a mainstay of the North American household.  Lead by Sony, Nintendo, and later Microsoft, game boxes first entertained users with mesmerizing games. However, the box continues to morph adding capabilities like online gaming, video streaming, TV watching, social networking, and many other capabilities and uses.  However, game boxes are more than about the game, they have become our everyday reality.

In the recent announcement by Amazon and Google, the game box takes on a new shape, the game stick.  The idea of taking something popular and sexing it up isn’t new.  Google last year introduced Chromecast and Roku introduced the $49 streaming stick.  These compete with apple TV and older Roku platforms; and the sticks have really shaken up the market.  Therefore, creating a gaming solution in this form factor really isn’t that farfetched.

However, gaming really isn’t just about the form factor, it’s about the experience. Gamers’ alike need the fastest connection to their console or stick.  And the experience is about how close the game comes to reality and not about a reality of the network lag.  This is where MoCA has the upper hand; deliver high quality, high speed network connectivity by adding no new wires.  What a great concept! 

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