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PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been all the craze since its announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 for its gaming capabilities, especially its social game play capabilities.  But PS4 is not limited to just gaming.  Sony recently announced PS4’s capabilities to support a new cloud base TV/DVR Service, a fancy OTT service.  Click link to learn more.

Here is where home network performance makes all the difference.  Multimedia over Coax Alliance Ethernet cable adapters (MoCA ECA), Aka “Ethernet over Coax” adapters, delivers unparalleled performance in the streaming of HD and 4K TV content within the home.  Streamed from the cloud, movies and TV shows are delivered over broadband to your PlayStation, TV, PC, or mobile device.  Once in the home, the video is affected by network interruptions, delays caused by wireless interference, harmonics, and other network wireless network traffic.  MoCA is the low latency, highly reliable networking technology designed for streaming video content. Neither Wifi nor HomePlug are its equal.

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ULTRA HD Coming in 2014



Ultra High Definition (U HD), or 4K as it’s commonly referred to, is coming to us soon.  Consumers are slowly turning to 4K and buying 4K TV sets but where is the content?  And, According to technology blogger Peter Nowak some, “Streaming ultra HD will likely require a dedicated connection of about 15 megabits per second, which translates into about 7 gigabytes of usage per hour…”  To get those data rates reliably to the 4K TV set, consumers should consider adding a MoCA connection to their home network to get a cleanest No New Wires connection from their modem to the TV. 

Coming to the rescue is Netflix – at least from the content perspective.  In an article in CMO read what industry insiders have to say about 4K, the challenges, and what’ happening regarding content at Netflix.  See complete article by clicking here

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Motorola Surfboard SBG6782-AC Gateway by ARRIS


Check out this revolutionary gateway product: A single box with the DOCSIS 3.0 + 802.11AC and MoCA 1.1.  Upgrade your home’s gateway to DOCSIS 3.0 and enable a high-speed Ethernet network via your home’s coaxial cabling by using MoCA 1.1.  Use this network to stream high quality HDTV video to any room in your home.  MoCA 1.1 delivers 175Mbps of uninterrupted bandwidth to where you need it, i.e. your connected TV and Blu-ray player to get the best Netflix, Hulu, or other OTT service experience. Additionally, the MoCA 1.1 network off loads congestion often found on WiFi.  This improves the users overall WiFi experience on tablets and other mobile devices.  Finally, get connected directly to your gateway from any room by adding a MoCA ECA (Ethernet cable adapter) or WECA (Wireless Ethernet Cable Adapter) in that room.  No need to run a long Ethernet cable draped across the floor.  The SBG6782 can be purchased at Best Buy and Target.  Image

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MoCA, A Great Way to Supercharge PS4


The newly unveiled PlayStation 4 (PS4) is “Sony’s most powerful platform ever” according to Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO Andrew House.   However, it will be the PS4’s ability to stay attuned to consumer’s changing behavior and the gamer’s change of play that will make it standout.  One of PS4’s priorities is “ease of access regardless of location or device” that will drive the need for a robust home network. Adding a MoCA coax to Ethernet adapter in the home can bring out the best of the platform’s capabilities.

Clearly, Sony’s ambition for PlayStation 4 to deliver a revolutionary experience for gamers and average consumers relies on reaching the Internet reliably and consistently.  PS4 promises a new way to receive games, to deliver and view content, a new gamer’s social networking with real-time peer interactivity – all delivered through the Internet.  Bringing the Internet directly to the PS4 is the only way to take advantages of these new and exciting features.

The consumer’s PS4 experience will certainly be influenced by the performance of their in-home network.  Using Wi-Fi to connect the PS4 to the Internet is the way that first comes to mind.  However, with Wi-Fi’s range challenges, contention with cellular phone radios for the same frequency band and bandwidth, its proximity with microwave ovens, and the sharing of bandwidth with DECT wireless phones, Wi-Fi could be PS4’s Achilles heel.  Contrary, MoCA Ethernet adapters are not affected by these constraints and can provide a direct connection to the internet without adding new any wires.

Today,“Gaming consoles have transformed into entertainment hubs for people to stream movies or YouTube videos” from the internet. Unknown to most consumers, MoCA networks already exist in many US pay-TV cable, satellite and Verizon FIOS homes. Many of these game consoles can already be found in these MoCA enabled homes (cable, satellite, and IP STB’s that support multi-room DVR).  Adding a MoCA adapter to the back of a PlayStation 4 brings the Internet directly to the back of the game console and connects it to the existing MoCA network. Once on the network the game console can also be used for sharing photos, home movies and any other personal media on the TV.

Moreover, MoCA is not solely applicable to MoCA enabled households.  MoCA can be added to any household with an Internet connection and cable TV wiring – otherwise known as coax wires. In the US, for example, over 90% of the homes have coax that can support MoCA.  Therefore in the majority of homes, the Internet can be extended directly to where it’s being used (living room, bedroom, den, family room) vs. receiving it from across the house wirelessly where the signal can be greatly attenuated due to the distance and obstructions such as walls and floors.

Gaming consoles capable of video streaming have become an integral part of our lives and we expect PS4 to affect us similarly.  Designed to entertain, these consoles have become gateways of electronic interactivity that take us to different places, sometimes to different worlds through the power of our imagination, some software, maybe a cloud, but certainly through the Internet.  However, existing home networking technologies have left us wanting more.  Limited network speed and the lack of available bandwidth have forced us to accept poor images, buffering, and dropped programs.  But MoCA can change that.

Today MoCA delivers up to 175 Mbps for on-demand, interactive games, and the streaming of video’s and music through the homes cable TV wiring.  The fact that MoCA is the choice of most multi-room DVR companies for networking is a strong endorsement of its capabilities.  In the very near future, MoCA will reach speeds of 1 Gbps.   Who knows what else the future will bring us with a blazing network connection, maybe holographic characters in our home?  Remember, all we want is great user experience: no delays!  No buffering! No stuck downloads – MoCA is here today.

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USA Today: Mini TiVo may make you fall back in love with TiVo

TiVo Mini

After a long wait it’s finally here!  The TiVo Mini is the first non-DVR set-top box with the TiVo badge, and MoCA makes it all possible.  Now you only need 1 DVR and can add Mini’s in every room where you want the TiVo service.  USA Today gave the Mini a test drive and MoCA fit right in:

The other recommended alternative is to take advantage of something called MoCA, not a coffee-flavored drink but rather networking technology. I was lucky. MoCA, which stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance, is built into my FiOS router. So all I had to do was connect a coax cable to the Mini.

Read the full review here.


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MoCA Drives Growth in Home Networking Devices Market In 1H12 – MarketWatch

via MoCA Drives Growth in Home Networking Devices Market In 1H12 – MarketWatch.


More good news for MoCA home networking and acknowledgement that it’s the standard for wired video networking in US homes.  With all the new streaming services and internet devices also being introduced, consumers will be even more excited about connecting their devices to the MoCA network already in their homes.   From the analyst:

“While we’re still in the early stages of MoCA device growth, we expect MoCA to become the de facto wired technology for video distribution to devices in the home. Going forward, multiscreen video will be a key driver for MoCA.”

Read the article here.

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How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo

How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo.

TiVo Stream

The TiVo Stream is generating a lot of buzz among TiVo fans for it’s ability to stream shows from your DVR to mobile devices in your home or transfer shows to your devices to take with you.  However, with this great power comes the need for great networking and TiVo is recommending that users have a wired Ethernet network or MoCA network to provide reliable HD streaming.

Use MoCA!

Check out the TiVo MoCA networking page here about how TiVo users are expanding their DVR features on new devices and outside of the home.

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