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Vudu Moving to Embed Online Video Service into TVs


Vudu’s CEO Alain Rossmann says that Vudu will embed the new Vudu service directly into the TV, eliminating the expense and hassle of purchasing, installing or connecting another device to the TV.

LG TVs will, of course, have some of the first TVs with Vudu embedded that will be available to purchase. Rossmann also says that the platform will have features like instant start, instant fast forward and rewind and a faster and more refined user interface. The LG TVs, with Vudu built-in, should be available to customers sometime next month.

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Gizmodo Hands-on with Vudu on LG


Gizmodo has gotten hands on with LG’s connected HDTV with Vudu, seems that with the few minutes that Gizmodo had with the service, it didn’t feel quite right.

It’s got nothing to do with Vudu‘s service, which is largely unchanged from the days of the Vudu set-top box. (I mean, we’re still in those days, technically, but hey, narrative! ) The interface is the same easily navigable set of panels and menus, which seem to work fine with LG’s standard remotes—no standalone clickwheel controller here.

The strange feeling I got from the movie samples, whether in SD, 720p or 1080p modes, was down to LG: The NetCast sets that’ll carry the Vudu option have LG’s 120Hz Trumotion interpolation technology, meaning that they essentially insert frames between what’s already on the source material, with the stated purpose of “smoothing” the video output. As we—and others—have complained about before, though, the effect can be strange, making motions seem unnatural, and giving a multi-hundred-million-dollar films an odd, camcorder-like aesthetic.

But despite this, Gizmodo believes that set-top boxes are on the way out to be replaced by multi-service web-connected TVs.

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