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Motorola Surfboard SBG6782-AC Gateway by ARRIS


Check out this revolutionary gateway product: A single box with the DOCSIS 3.0 + 802.11AC and MoCA 1.1.  Upgrade your home’s gateway to DOCSIS 3.0 and enable a high-speed Ethernet network via your home’s coaxial cabling by using MoCA 1.1.  Use this network to stream high quality HDTV video to any room in your home.  MoCA 1.1 delivers 175Mbps of uninterrupted bandwidth to where you need it, i.e. your connected TV and Blu-ray player to get the best Netflix, Hulu, or other OTT service experience. Additionally, the MoCA 1.1 network off loads congestion often found on WiFi.  This improves the users overall WiFi experience on tablets and other mobile devices.  Finally, get connected directly to your gateway from any room by adding a MoCA ECA (Ethernet cable adapter) or WECA (Wireless Ethernet Cable Adapter) in that room.  No need to run a long Ethernet cable draped across the floor.  The SBG6782 can be purchased at Best Buy and Target.  Image

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MoCA, A Great Way to Supercharge PS4


The newly unveiled PlayStation 4 (PS4) is “Sony’s most powerful platform ever” according to Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO Andrew House.   However, it will be the PS4’s ability to stay attuned to consumer’s changing behavior and the gamer’s change of play that will make it standout.  One of PS4’s priorities is “ease of access regardless of location or device” that will drive the need for a robust home network. Adding a MoCA coax to Ethernet adapter in the home can bring out the best of the platform’s capabilities.

Clearly, Sony’s ambition for PlayStation 4 to deliver a revolutionary experience for gamers and average consumers relies on reaching the Internet reliably and consistently.  PS4 promises a new way to receive games, to deliver and view content, a new gamer’s social networking with real-time peer interactivity – all delivered through the Internet.  Bringing the Internet directly to the PS4 is the only way to take advantages of these new and exciting features.

The consumer’s PS4 experience will certainly be influenced by the performance of their in-home network.  Using Wi-Fi to connect the PS4 to the Internet is the way that first comes to mind.  However, with Wi-Fi’s range challenges, contention with cellular phone radios for the same frequency band and bandwidth, its proximity with microwave ovens, and the sharing of bandwidth with DECT wireless phones, Wi-Fi could be PS4’s Achilles heel.  Contrary, MoCA Ethernet adapters are not affected by these constraints and can provide a direct connection to the internet without adding new any wires.

Today,“Gaming consoles have transformed into entertainment hubs for people to stream movies or YouTube videos” from the internet. Unknown to most consumers, MoCA networks already exist in many US pay-TV cable, satellite and Verizon FIOS homes. Many of these game consoles can already be found in these MoCA enabled homes (cable, satellite, and IP STB’s that support multi-room DVR).  Adding a MoCA adapter to the back of a PlayStation 4 brings the Internet directly to the back of the game console and connects it to the existing MoCA network. Once on the network the game console can also be used for sharing photos, home movies and any other personal media on the TV.

Moreover, MoCA is not solely applicable to MoCA enabled households.  MoCA can be added to any household with an Internet connection and cable TV wiring – otherwise known as coax wires. In the US, for example, over 90% of the homes have coax that can support MoCA.  Therefore in the majority of homes, the Internet can be extended directly to where it’s being used (living room, bedroom, den, family room) vs. receiving it from across the house wirelessly where the signal can be greatly attenuated due to the distance and obstructions such as walls and floors.

Gaming consoles capable of video streaming have become an integral part of our lives and we expect PS4 to affect us similarly.  Designed to entertain, these consoles have become gateways of electronic interactivity that take us to different places, sometimes to different worlds through the power of our imagination, some software, maybe a cloud, but certainly through the Internet.  However, existing home networking technologies have left us wanting more.  Limited network speed and the lack of available bandwidth have forced us to accept poor images, buffering, and dropped programs.  But MoCA can change that.

Today MoCA delivers up to 175 Mbps for on-demand, interactive games, and the streaming of video’s and music through the homes cable TV wiring.  The fact that MoCA is the choice of most multi-room DVR companies for networking is a strong endorsement of its capabilities.  In the very near future, MoCA will reach speeds of 1 Gbps.   Who knows what else the future will bring us with a blazing network connection, maybe holographic characters in our home?  Remember, all we want is great user experience: no delays!  No buffering! No stuck downloads – MoCA is here today.

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New MoCA Installation Videos on YouTube

New installation videos are now available on YouTube showing how to install MoCA adapters with various connected devices including Internet TVs, Bluray Players, Game Consoles, Slingbox, TiVo, etc…  Stay tuned for more videos on MoCA installation, operation and features – subscribe to our MoCABlog YouTube channel today !

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MoCA POE Filters and Splitters Explained

In this video, you will learn some MoCA basics, what is a POE filter, and how a MoCA filter-splitter is used.  This is for the advanced MoCA user who wants to improve his MoCA network performance and support more MoCA devices in the home.

To watch the video click here

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DIRECTV launches Whole-Home DVR using MoCA!

Whole-Home DVR Service

It’s here, officially on the DIRECTV website!  With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR  service now you have the power to share all your recorded programs with any TV in your home.  Thanks to MoCA networking you only need one DIRECTV HD-DVR to record your favorite shows and programs and watch them in any room inside your house.  MoCA is represented by all the dotted yellow lines on the diagram which connects all of the receivers through the coax.  See the website for official launch information.

For more info and a video click here

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Rogers 8642 HD PVR

Rogers just lunched a new HD PVR model 8642 manufactured by Cisco on April 19 2010. The set-top box features dual tuners with hard disk drive storage ranging from 160GB to 500 Gigabytes; 1 GHz tuning which could allow Rogers to expand network bandwidth to provide additional services; MPEG-4 (H.264) decoding support; support for tru2way, MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) and DLNA technologies (Digital Living Network Alliance) which may or may not be implemented by Rogers in the future.

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Verizon FiOS and MoCA

FiOS is a bundled communications service (Internet, telephone, and TV) operating over a fiber-optic communications network and presently being offered by Verizon. In 2009 they had approximately 3 million TV subscribers and 2.5 million Internet subscribers. Verizon chose MoCA for their in-home networking standard, primarily for HD distribution of Multiroom DVR services but also for data and Internet services.  The Verizon MoCA home networks could also support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) devices including connected TVs, PCs, and Bluray players in future deployments.  With up to 175 Mbps of bandwidth, the MoCA network could serve as a backbone for both wired and wireless devices for Verizon’s Connected Home strategy.

Read the article here and see the video here.

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Google’s New TV?

A new TV has surfaced that works on the Google Android operating system, code named  Scandinavia. The HD LCD TV comes in various sizes ranging from 42” to 55”. The Internet connected TV offers a variety of applications including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube apps, Gmail, and Google Maps among others.  The TV also features a web browser.  And because it’s using an Android base OS you can download applications and games from an App Store. This is an awesome device; you can download apps for the weather channel, play your favorite music, play games, listen to radio over the internet, and lots and lots more. Android is getting a lot of momentum in the phone world, and a lot of demand for faster Internet connections. If the same happens with TVs, MoCA will be there to provide the high-speed networking connection.

Read the article here

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New Xbox Coming Soon? Motion Control better with MoCA

Microsoft is rumored to be coming out with a new controller free motion control technology that’s not just an add-on for Xbox 360, it will be a standard for the next Xbox console called Natal.  Natal has a camera in it that will capture your motions and apply it directly to games, similar to the Wii.  With the new Xbox you can play current Xbox 360 games on it, but future games would be able to take advantage of the added muscle. Natal will be the next evolution of the Xbox 360; similar hardware but upgraded, repackaged, and rebranded. With this new console you can talk to your friends, play with them online and see them over Xbox live, as well as go online shopping. For this, you need a fast internet response and that’s where MoCA comes in. The technology underlying MoCA provides the elements necessary to use your coax cable to distribute high-quality multimedia content and high-speed data, with throughput up to  175 Mbps and millisecond latency so there is no lag.

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Parks Associates: PC and Game Consoles Extend Online Video to TV

Consumer interest for Web-on-TV applications is increasing, and consumers are rapidly making their own connection via PC and game consoles.  According to Parks Associates, from 2008 to 2009, the number of U.S. households using Web-connected game consoles increased by 64%, and the number connecting a PC to a TV increased by 36%.

Over three-fourths of U.S. households with PC-to-TV connections and one-third of Xbox 360 owners are using these connections to stream online video. These households, as they extend online video and other Web experiences to the TV screen, are laying the foundation for future behaviors with connected CE and entertainment services.

This bodes well for connected Blu-ray players and networked digital media players such as Apple TV and Roku, says the article.  With more consumers using these devices to stream HD videos, the demand for MoCA networks will increase as well.

Click here for the article.

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