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How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo

How to Set Up a MoCA Network for Your TiVo Premiere DVR – TiVo.

TiVo Stream

The TiVo Stream is generating a lot of buzz among TiVo fans for it’s ability to stream shows from your DVR to mobile devices in your home or transfer shows to your devices to take with you.  However, with this great power comes the need for great networking and TiVo is recommending that users have a wired Ethernet network or MoCA network to provide reliable HD streaming.

Use MoCA!

Check out the TiVo MoCA networking page here about how TiVo users are expanding their DVR features on new devices and outside of the home.

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TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!

TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!.

There is a lot of speculation that TiVo is going to offer their upcoming IP-STB for both their cable customers and retail customers.  So instead of having 2 separate DVRs in the house, you’ll have a Premiere Elite DVR as the server and a lot of these little set-tops scattered in different rooms streaming live TV and recorded DVR shows.  The STBs can also access the same Internet content as the standard TiVo’s so customers don’t miss out on any features, but save on the extra subscription fee.

One of the other questions is whether it will support a MoCA connection as the Elite does today.  TiVo recommends an Ethernet or MoCA connection for multi-room streaming so it’s not a stretch to think they might do the same for the IP-STBs.  Stay Tuned!

PS – another announcement that came from the TiVo quarterly call was the launch of Comcast VOD service and free Comcast installation for TiVo customers.  Starting in the San Francisco Bay area, Comcast and TiVo will be testing the new VOD software and installation offer before launching in other Comcast markets.

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TiVo Premiere Elite at Best Buy Magnolia – 1st MoCA CE Product

Quad Tuning TiVo Premiere Elite Now Available – Zatznotfunny

The first (MoCA enabled) TiVo Elite’s have shown up at Best Buy Magnolia stores and they are already sold out and backordered online.  In fact, in the first week of availability there are already numerous reviews, forum discussions, unboxing videos, and general discussion all mostly positive about the new features.  4 digital tuner, 2 TB of storage, Multiroom streaming, dual core processor and MoCA home networking make up the most advanced TiVo DVR to date.  Not to be overlooked is that TiVo Elite is the first MoCA-enabled consumer electronics product to be sold at retail and is compatible with other MoCA Home Networking products from NETGEAR, D-LINK, Channel Master, and Actiontec.

See the TiVo Elite unboxed video below:

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TiVo unveils Premiere Q quad-tuner DVR (w MoCA!) | The Digital Home – CNET News

TiVo unveils Premiere Q quad-tuner DVR | The Digital Home – CNET News.

TiVo's new Premiere Q.

It took a while, but MoCA-enabled TiVos are finally here!  TiVo unveiled the Premiere Q quad-tuner DVR and Preview client set-top (which streams from any Premiere DVR) making both boxes available to cable operators for now which a retail version possibly coming very soon after (see TiVo Premiere Q Headed To Retail As Premier Elite).  Specs include MoCA networking built into both the Premiere Q and Preview allowing both devices to stream video throughout the home and from the Internet for over-the-top programming.  TiVo is touting the first hybrid cable + Internet TV multiroom DVR system combining the best of both broadcasting and broadband entertainment all made possible by MoCA coax networking!

Read the article here.

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New MoCA Installation Videos on YouTube

New installation videos are now available on YouTube showing how to install MoCA adapters with various connected devices including Internet TVs, Bluray Players, Game Consoles, Slingbox, TiVo, etc…  Stay tuned for more videos on MoCA installation, operation and features – subscribe to our MoCABlog YouTube channel today !

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Update: Tivo Has Joined MoCA (Really)

TiVo made an announcement that it has joined the Multimedia over Coax Alliance.  The one mild surprise is that they have joined as an associate member and not the contributor status as previously seen on the MoCA website.  Either way, it’s another step for MoCA into consumer’s new digital entertainment systems.

To read the article click here

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TiVo Has Joined the MoCA Alliance!

Like a stealth fighter cruising under the media radar, TiVo has quietly joined the MoCA Alliance according to the little logos on the MoCA member webpage.  In addition, TiVo has entered at the same “Contributor” level as DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and Intel that allows them to shape the specifications.  From the MoCA FAQ:

There is also a Contributor class. At this level, companies participate in the development of the specification, have voting rights within the work groups and are entitled to participate in all work groups.

Without drawing too many conclusions from one tiny bitmap, this starts to connect the dots on earlier reports that TiVo’s new Whole Home DVR may be using MoCA technology and how it would be “easy” to modify the TiVo Premiere box for MoCA networking.  In addition, distribution deals with Cox, RCN and Suddenlink may mean that more cable companies may be considering adding TiVo to their DVR lineups or supporting the Premiere from retail stores according to another recent article.

See the updated MoCA membership page here.

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