MoCA in a Nutshell – Netgear

MoCA in an NutshellDon’t understand what MoCA does?  Here’s a fun and educational cartoon from Netgear that explains everything about MoCA, what is means, why you need it, and how it works.  Titled “MoCA in a Nutshell”, the video takes us into a typical home where a family needs to use the home network whether it’s to watch a movie, download a file, or play video games.  “MoCA in a Nutshell” shows how a MoCA network can handle all of those tasks at the same time, and even have a little more bandwidth to spare.  If you’re convinced that MoCA is for your home, read more about Netgear’s MoCA products here.

One thought on “MoCA in a Nutshell – Netgear

  1. At present I have 4 TVs and a VCR in my home network. (cable,VCR,splitter to house and local TV). I will be forced to go to digital in Jan. and I want to network digital throughout the house and DVD recorder on existing network and be able to operate the system as as I have in the past with analog. Can you advise me as to how to accomplish this.

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