Sling Community compares Powerline, Wireless, and MoCA; MoCA Wins!


The Slingbox Community site reviewed three types of home networking technologies to connect your Slingbox and home theater to the Internet: powerline, wireless and MoCA.  The conclusion?

So how does it (MoCA) perform? Bar none, this is definitely the fastest bridge I’ve used yet.  I didn’t come anywhere near the theoretical maximum throughput of 270Mbps in my installation, but I easily averaged well over 100Mbps, which puts every other solution I’ve tried to shame.

That says it all.  Here are the pros and cons of each of the technologies from the review.



  • Flexible placement
  • Adequate speed
  • Reliable, steady transmission
  • Mid-range models offer a lot of value for the money


  • Some outlets may not work
  • Can’t be plugged into surge strips
  • Susceptible to interference



  • Flexible placement
  • Dual purpose
  • Speed (when close together)


  • Size
  • Wireless isn’t always reliable



  • Blazing fast speed
  • Reliable, steady transmission


  • Cost
  • Doesn’t work on the same line with Satellite
  • Cable amplifiers and powered splitters may cause problems

For media streaming, the biggest problems with Powerline and Wireless is RELIABILITY.  This might not matter as much for data access but if you’re using it to stream audio and video, it shows up as clicks and pops on audio and pixelized and jerky video.  Check out the entire comparison on the Sling Community website.

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