Yet Another Rave Review of MoCA

netgear_mcab1001The Netgear MCAB1001 MoCA adapters keep getting rave reviews. Recently, the folks over at Station Stops have reviewed the MoCA adapter from Netgear and have deemed it the best solution I have found to bridging Ethernet around your home easily and at high speeds. I recommend it highly.

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Rave Review of MoCA

  1. Netgear is shipping the units with blue unmarked Cat 5 cables when they should be shipping Cat 5e cables. Cat 5 is rated up to 100 Mbps, when the device is capable of 270 Mbps. Something is weird here.

  2. 270 Mbps is the raw speed (phy rate) on the coax line, the usable throughput (mac rate) on the coax line is 170 Mbps. That means all the devices on the coax can be working at a combined 170 Mbps if you add everything up.

    The bridge supports up to 100 Mbps through the Ethernet port which is a 10/100 port. When you have multiple bridges all streaming data, they can all add up to 170 Mbps max combined.

    Compare that to 200Mbps (phy rate) Powerline (60-80 Mbps throughput) and WiFi which can vary substantially based on range and walls, etc…

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