What’s Next for Roku?


Roku, the internet video player, which streams movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon, is going to be coming out with some new features soon, hopefully by the holiday shopping season.

Roku has distributed a software developers kit to media companies who want to add their offerings to Roku. This includes Blip.TVand Mediafly (both Web video/podcast companies) so far. We imagine all the big companies that do video on the Web — and, important, who want their video to appear on TV sets — will jump on, once it’s opened up, such as Revision3, Next New Networks, Boxee, YouTube, MLB Advanced Media, etc. Internet radio companies like Pandora and Last.fm, and photo sharing services like Flickr are fair game, too.

Roku will continue to announce new content partners. Blip.TV was announced recently, and will show up on set-top boxes this fall. We understand that Roku will be announcing a new partner next week. (We don’t know who it is.)

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