The Results Are In: Boxee Users Are Ecstatic with their MoCA Experiences

Boxee paired up with Entropic Communications, the leading vendor of MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) chips to offer its users the opportunity to leverage existing coaxial cable in their homes to network their Boxee device/computer and router for an enhanced connection for streaming HD video, high speed content downloads, and multiple, simultaneous devices on the network.

The call for Boxee participants went out on Twitter and on the Boxee Forum, “Cable in your wall but Boxee in areas where net is problematic? Signup for @boxee moca trial and test a solution for free!” and 50 lucky Boxee users were given free Ethernet-to-Coax bridges to install and critique… and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

With 92% of trial users viewing Boxee on their TV – the importance for a strong viewing quality of experience was high – especially when 60% of trial users experienced connectivity issues when using the Boxee service. The trial showed MoCA’s ability to deliver a high-speed, reliable, robust in-home network to support Boxee’s over-the-top services, and also proved MoCA as a strong complement to extending in-home Wi-Fi networks; even when wireless connectivity was blocked by cinderblock home construction or one user’s wife’s insatiable need to stream and download multiple types of content from different sources at the same time.

We’ve listed some quick stats below – if you have specific comments, let us know.

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Boxee-MoCA Summary:

How easy were the MoCA Dongles to install?
Very easy     68%
Easy     29%
Average     3%
Hard     0%

How long did it take for you to set up the MoCA kit?
Less than 15 minutes     62%
Less than 30 minutes     23%
Longer than 30 minutes     15%
Never got it working     0%

Before using MoCA, did you try to use other technologies to connect your BOXEE to the internet?
No, I never tried wired or wireless connections     0%
I tried wireless, but it didn’t work     47%
I tried wireless, and it worked well     23%
I tried Powerline adaptors, but it didn’t work well     6%
I tried Powerline adaptors, and it worked well     9%
I tried other wired connections, but it didn’t work well     6%
I tried other wired connections, and it worked well     9%

Did MoCA improve your viewing experience compared to WiFi?
MoCA was better than WiFi     85%
MoCA was worse than WiFi     6%
MoCA was no different than WiFi     6%
I did not try WiFi     3%


What BOXEE features, if any, improved with MoCA?
HD streaming from the Internet     27%
HD streaming from a PC/NAS located in your home     32%
More responsive user interface and navigation     12%
Faster downloads and updates     20%
No improvements noticed     8%
Other     1%

Would you recommend MoCA to other BOXEE users?
Yes     85%
No     6%
Maybe     9%

What other applications would you see MoCA networking being valuable?
Online gaming     62%
PC networking     74%
Networking other consumer electronics     88%
Extending my WiFi to areas with weak signals     62%
Other     6%

2 thoughts on “The Results Are In: Boxee Users Are Ecstatic with their MoCA Experiences

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  2. Either these stats are wrong, the survey was flawed, or there’s something missing (maybe the wording of one of the questions). The results show 70% tried wireless and 30% tried wired. Therefore the “I did not try WiFi” answer in next question should have had a matching result of 30%, but it was only 3%. Did 27% of respondents simply imagine that they could compare MoCA to something they hadn’t used?

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