Verizon FiOS Coax Networking Adapters Now Shipping! Yes, It’s MoCA. Actiontec Verizon Coax Network Adapter

Actiontec Product Page


Verizon FiOS customers are lucky enough to enjoy the fastest broadband speeds available nationwide, but now they can access their fast Internet through a WIRED network anywhere in the house using Verizon FiOS Coax-to-Ethernet Adapters.  Produced by Actiontec, who also builds the Verizon FiOS BHR Router, the Verizon FiOS Adapter uses coax cabling in the home to enable an Ethernet port in any room of the house.  Need an Ethernet port to connect your new Smart TV – no problem, put a FiOS adapter behind the TV!  Want a wired network to hook up your PS3 to stream HD movies or download games – install FiOS in the bedroom!  If you need 4 Ethernet ports for your Bluray, Xbox, Slingbox, Apple TV, just add an inexpensive Ethernet 4-Port Switch to expand the number of ports.

Most FiOS customers don’t know they have a MoCA network already running in their home so they can magically access their networks using this official Verizon-branded MoCA adapter (and other MoCA compatible adapters).  The Verizon adapter (Actiontec model ECB2200V) is available online at various resellers including J&R through Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS Coax Networking Adapters Now Shipping! Yes, It’s MoCA.

  1. I was thinking about putting my gaming rig in the basement but the MOCA router is on the 3rd floor. If there’s a coax line in the basement, can I use one of these adapters for the PC instead of running a CAT5 line down through 2 floors? That would rock!

    • Sure can. As long as the coax lines are on the same network in the house you should be able to communicate with the router just like it was CAT5.

      • Excellent, much better than putting an N-speed router in and then a wireless adapter on the PC and I hope the speed is better too. Thanks!

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