MoCA Roundup at CES 2012

CES 2012 brought a bundle of great news involving MoCA home networking and here are just a few of the big stories.

DISH Network Starts Using MoCA Networking

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MoCAlliance’s Channel – YouTube.

MoCA Alliance has a number of great videos including the DISH announcement of their new Whole Home DVR which uses MoCA networking, and videos from the Wi3 and Channel Master booths.

TiVo Updates to Multiroom Streaming on Premiere DVRs


TiVo started to update the new multiroom streaming (MRS) software in their Premiere DVRs which allows streaming saved shows from TiVo-to-TiVo without having to “download” video anymore.  Not only does this create a more complete Whole Home DVR experience, but allows access to more shows that might have been blocked by copy restrictions.  TiVo recommends a Wired network connection, either Ethernet or MoCA, so expect a lot more TiVo users to be upgrading from WiFi to a reliable wired MoCA connection.

Actiontec Shows First Multi-band MoCA Networking Adapter

Press Release

The folks at Actiontec who build the MoCA routers and adapters for Verizon FiOS, have now come up with a new MoCA adapter that works in either Cable, Verizon, or DirecTV networks.  Called the Multi-band MoCA adapter, it works like the standard Ethernet-to-Coax adapter except now you don’t have to select between a Cable/VZ-only or DirecTV DECA, you can just use a single adapter for either network!  It’s also insurance if you decide to switch between Cable and Satellite, and could be bundled with a game console or connected TV at your local electronics store.

Samsung Includes DirecTV RVU Support on All 2012 Smart TVs

PC Magazine

Samsung threw even more support behind the RVU standard by announcing support for DirecTV in all of it’s new Smart TVs.  RVU is the standard that allows your TV to have it’s own set-top box features, connecting to a central RVU DVR server (the DirecTV HR34 Home Media Center) via Ethernet or MoCA networking.  The TV can then access DVR shows, Live DirecTV, PPV, etc… just as if it was connected to a set-top box.  Since the RVU software is basically just an App that runs on the Smart TV, don’t be surprised to see more support for DirecTV on other connected devices like bluray players, game consoles, tablets and smartphones.

 MyGica Introduces New MoCA Ethernet Over Coax Kit

MyGica, known for it’s TV and PC video products, launched a new MoCA Ethernet Over Coax Kit to complement it’s lineup of USB video capture products and Android set-top box.  The kit includes 2 Ethernet-over-Coax adapters, is compatible with MoCA 1.1 networks, and ships directly from their online partner at a great value.  New users who are considering MoCA networking now have a lot of options to choose the solution that fits them best.

One thought on “MoCA Roundup at CES 2012

  1. I’m pretty excited that the new Hopper will be using MoCA. It seems like the perfect solution to the difficulties of getting an HD signal to travel a good distance through a house without it degrading. And it being relatively easy for the installers to work with is a nice bonus too. I can’t even express how psyched I was when DISH unveiled the Hopper. Being a long time subscriber, and more recently an employee as well, of DISH, it’s the only thing I felt like this company was missing. And what a way to do it, with that massive hard-drive and the PrimeTime Anytime feature (that I expect to resolve virtually all of my scheduling conflicts), I simply cannot wait to get one in my home. Especially since this is going to give me a great excuse to get a fourth HD set to put out in the garage by my workbench!

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