TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!

TiVo Whole Home DVR Extenders Headed To Retail – Zatz Not Funny!.

There is a lot of speculation that TiVo is going to offer their upcoming IP-STB for both their cable customers and retail customers.  So instead of having 2 separate DVRs in the house, you’ll have a Premiere Elite DVR as the server and a lot of these little set-tops scattered in different rooms streaming live TV and recorded DVR shows.  The STBs can also access the same Internet content as the standard TiVo’s so customers don’t miss out on any features, but save on the extra subscription fee.

One of the other questions is whether it will support a MoCA connection as the Elite does today.  TiVo recommends an Ethernet or MoCA connection for multi-room streaming so it’s not a stretch to think they might do the same for the IP-STBs.  Stay Tuned!

PS – another announcement that came from the TiVo quarterly call was the launch of Comcast VOD service and free Comcast installation for TiVo customers.  Starting in the San Francisco Bay area, Comcast and TiVo will be testing the new VOD software and installation offer before launching in other Comcast markets.

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