SAMSUNG and Verizon Release FiOS TV App – Perfect for FiOS Coax Adapter


FiOS customers can now use compatible Samsung Smart TV’s and Smart Blu-ray players to stream live TV channels as well as Flex View video-on-demand through the FiOS TV App.  iPad and Xbox360 users are already familiar with this feature which is already available, but they can now take advantage of the App on their new Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.  The FiOS Coax-Network Adapter (based on MoCA) is perfect for connecting the TV or Blu-ray using the same wired networking through the coax that’s used by the FiOS set-top box.  Why bother with WiFi when FiOS users have access to MoCA networking already built into the FiOS BHR (router) at 170Mbps speeds.

FiOS is just the first Pay TV provider to offer support for Live TV apps on networked CE devices like TVs, Xbox360, Bluray, etc… just like they do for iPads.  MoCA networking is the “Go-To” solution for connecting those devices via wired coax cable to deliver HD video as smooth and reliably as through any set-top box.

See the Samsung press release here.

Read about the FiOS TV App here.

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