Delivering more information about Ethernet-over-Coax then you ever want to know.  MoCA is the standard for wired home networking over standard cable or satellite TV (aka coaxial) cables.  Why should you care?  Because soon your whole living room will be networked including the HDTV, Blu-ray, Xbox360, PS3, Slingbox, TiVo, Apple TV, etc.

Your home already has a wired network running through it and you didn’t even know it – it’s called your cable or satellite TV system and it can stream HD, transfer large files, and much, much more with MoCA.

If you are lucky enough to have CAT5/6, more commonly known as Ethernet, running through your house already you are already set and do not need MoCA! However, for the rest of us, MoCA is the way to go.

Disclaimer:  MoCABlog.net is not endorsed by Multimedia over Coax Alliance, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moca Couture, MocaBar, Starbucks, or Lady Marmalade. It is supported by Entropic, the founder and inventor of MoCA technology.

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  1. I just discovered MoCa while researching network alternatives for my house and I thought my prayers had been answered. The problem is that we are a Mac based household and the folks I’ve been speaking to either have never heard of Moca, or have heard of it, but don’t know if it will play nicely with Macs.
    I know in theory the technology will work with Macs, but are any of the retail boxes out now compatible? Can I just go out and buy a pair of NetGear MoCa boxes, hook up my Tivo, Slingbox and Mac Media Server and have it just work?
    Does anyone out there have experience networking Macs using Moca?
    Any help would be appreciated, – kika

  2. MoCA out of the box will work with any type of computer or device, just like a wired Ethernet connection. The only thing that needs a PC is the configuration utility CD which is only used rarely to change any of the default settings or update the device firmware. Most users will never need to do this.

    I’ve hooked up Macs, PCs, Tivo, Slingbox, Roku, router, cable modem, etc… to MoCA and never had a problem. The only thing I can recommend is getting an additional cheap switch with a lot of ports, 5 or 8 is good, so you can plug a lot of things into your MoCA network. No matter how many ports I have, I always seem to run out. Check out the blog post on network switch if you want more info.

    Enjoy your MoCA!

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